Thousands of years before modern chefs started promoting whole food cooking and organic produce, chefs in Sardinia’s Nouro Provence were achieving stunning flavours with pulses, wild foraged greens, grass fed animals, wild caught seafood and humble farmed seasonal produce.

Authentic Sardinian food is grown, caught or picked. Selected ingredients are turned into wonderful creations by hand, using traditional techniques to turn simple foods into dishes of extraordinary flavour. The end result is beautiful food that has been recognised as making up the diet of some of the healthiest people on the planet.

Like so many of the best things in life, the dishes are best enjoyed with friends, laughter and a glass of wine. Sardo is the unexplored cuisine of one of Italy’s most exotic and unique regions.

Recognised as a ‘Magic Maker’ in the Flavours of Melbourne, Stefano Rassu is a highly awarded chef with a number of great venues on his resume. Stefano learnt his trade in the kitchens of Sardinian restaurants before coming to Australian to unleash his talents. 


Pomodoro Sardo is available for private functions & venue hire
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