Down a cheeky Melbourne alley and up some welcoming stairs sits a home for the geeks, nerds, connoisseurs and aficionados of all things alcoholic and fine; Murmur Bar. Off Little Bourke Street, on Warburton Lane, it's one of Melbourne's coolest secret gems. The smooth sounds of the best rock, blues, soul and funk greet you as you arrive and a wealth of amazing cocktail creations (including rotating monthly specials), top shelf spirits, wines and rare craft beers await. Whether you want to slowly sip a very good whiskey or tequila, savour a rare American IPA, or sample any one of our amazing cocktails, ranging from flaming rum-based Tiki Pirate creations to the best damn Espresso Martini in town, to gin, whiskey and vodka-based classics, Murmur Bar caters to all the true lovers of the finest drinks from around the globe. If you're looking for a place for that huge night out with a group of friends or just a drink for two, we're the perfect fit. Head on up and see why we pride ourselves on being the place you'll always feel at home, that delivers the nights you always look back on with a smile.

Murmur is available for private functions & venue hireClick here for more info