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Motley Bauhaus
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ABOUT Motley Bauhaus
Creative Venue Hire

The Motely Bauhaus provides a versatile and unique space perfectly suited to hosting dynamic and memorable events. They use the space for gallery exhibitions, and have kept the décor as neutral as possible whilst still having a nice atmosphere. This means you can easily transform the space to suit just about any occasion.

The sprawling nature of the venue offers many different crooks and crannies for people to gather whilst the large front area provides a place to congregate for any speeches and presentations you may have.

The theatre provides a great place to screen a film, run a dance floor or even put on a performance. The podcasting booth also operates as the nerve centre of the building; from there you can play music or make announcements to any or all of the spaces throughout the venue.  There really are endless possibilities but below are some ideas just to get the ball rolling…

Birthday parties.

Put together a collection of some of your favourite movies or collect a bunch of home movies and pop them onto a thumb drive. They'll have them playing in the theatre behind the dj spinning some tunes all to to create your own intimate you themed dance party. Throughout the rest of the venue they can patch the mix at a lower volume so people who just want to hang around and chat have plenty of places to escape. The amazingly cheap bar prices makes it affordable for you to put on a tab, or just easy drink options for your guests. They’re also very happy to concoct a themed cocktail for the night, possibly using some of their home made cordials...


Christmas Parties

Why not add a bit of variation to your standard Christmas party by filling it with fun activates? They could run some informal workshops for your guests such as gift wrap screen printing, wreath making or dance classes. They could place some craft stations around the place or have roving performers wandering through the venue keeping people entertained, all while your favourite Christmas movies are playing in the theatre.


Film screenings.

Looking for somewhere to have a private screening for just the cast and crew? Or perhaps you just want a place to gather and watch a movie or television season finale’ with your friends. You can hire just the theatre or the whole venue if you want to wrap a function around your screening. More people want to see it than can fit? Have multiple screenings throughout the night while people gather in the bar area.


Corporate events.

The Motley’s fun and informal atmosphere is a great alternative venue to the usual office work funstion. They offer all sorts of activities and workshops to bring your team together. Why not host a dance class in the front gallery? Or can set up some easels, do some life drawing, or have some off the wall fun with a personalized game show made up of art and craft challenges with wine and prizes. Work with the team to create the perfect end of year work party.. or just tell them what you want and let them do all the work for you.


Anything you can think of

At the end of the day they are an arts venue and love to think outside the box. Challenge them with your ideas and lets work together to make it happen.


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Room Min Max
Front Gallery and Bar N/A 50
Theatre N/A 25
Entire Venue N/A 100
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