Owners Joe and Lucas loved the refined style of 1920s saloons, where cocktails and ambient lighting couple together to create The Grand on Stanley, a boutique bar and cozy watering hole.

The name is a cheeky play on the nature of the venue's size, however, the 'grandness' is intended to encompass ideals of the bar, rather than it's square meters.

The venue itself is inviting and uncomplicated, with the pair wanting to maintain the originality of the space, from the stained-glass windows to the exposed brick walls and lavish light fixtures. Photos of Brisbane's formative years, showcasing the old-world glamour of Brisbane's landmarks adorn the walls, paying homage to past generations.

Joe and Lucas have added their own finishing touches in the form of gold-vinyl covers for the seating, as well as the small seating area, made up of chairs and tables, for those seeking some fresh air.


The Grand on Stanley is available for private functions & venue hire
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