There is no feeling like the excitement you get when opening a book. Or when you take that first sip of a drink. Or when you come across a bar that’s too cool for its own good. Well what if we told you that there is venue tucked away in an unassuming alleyway off one of the busiest thoroughfares of Adelaide that is a combination of them all?

In-between two brightly coloured bars is a place of intimacy that you are bound to fall in love with and return. With an expansive range of spirits (nothing artificial), carefully selected wines and beers and a thoroughly classic imaginative cocktail list, the people who enter and enjoy the Bibliotheca Bar & Book Exchange are those who know what they like and want more of it.

Bibliotheca Bar personifies its name, set amongst a collection of books, incredible cocktails are mixed up in front of your very eyes in a place that oozes relaxation and enthusiasm in showcasing the length, breadth and depth of a lovely night out.

Sinatra, Simone, Armstrong and Fitzgerald blanket the bar with a classic serenity, and no matter if you’re with 30 people, on a date or just by yourself, in Bibliotheca you always feel the same open and relaxed yet quietly personable atmosphere that comes out from the surrounding pages (and bottles). They even have their own Bibliotheca Kitchen which produce food as good as the drinks, with the shared plates designed to accompany any cocktail sublimely.

Every week the staff all experiment with cocktails, and expand the back shelf. Single malt and gin aside, the cocktails go from classic and quaint, to off the charts! Signature book inspired cocktails for the Harry Potter and Lolita fans; blazing whisky and manufacturing tinctures for that perfect flavour expression, nothing is off limits and the bartenders are limited only by their imagination (and the approval of the owners with a collective 30 years of experience internationally and locally).

If you want somewhere with a great service, even better atmosphere, pull up a pew, grab a book, order a drink and relax in this book store unlike any other.

Bibliotheca Bar & Book Exchange is available for private functions & venue hire
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